Work That Fits Your Lifestyle: That’s Clutch
August 12, 2022
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Work That Fits Your Lifestyle: That’s Clutch

By Madison Long (CEO and Co-Founder of Clutch) and Simone May (CTO and Co-Founder of Clutch)

Why We're Creating Clutch

Work is constantly evolving. We believe that the next generation will lead where the future of work is going in terms of prioritizing your lifestyle and finding work that fits within it. We believe that the future of work will be authentic, engaging, flexible, creative and enjoyable to support lifestyles that are more sustainable, equitable and satisfying.

Our platform gives creators the opportunity to monetize their unique talents and joyful passions by connecting them with helping emerging brands to help with their digital marketing and content creation needs including graphic design, social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and Twitter) and video content. With Clutch, emerging brands and next-generation creators thrive.

Creating for people by people

At Clutch, we are focused on human-centered design. As a people-first company, we care about creating a product that best meets our customers’ real needs. To do so, we not only have iterated on our product based on what our customers need most, but we also value being a people-first company in our workplace. We have built Clutch from the ground up with our people in mind first; diversity, equity and inclusion among our staff, advisors, investors and partners is our priority. We believe that Clutch will continue to positively improve the lives and workflows of people and businesses everywhere, and we want to make sure that the people behind the product who are building it accurately represent the audience our product is reaching and accurately represent the diversity of our country and world.

When it comes to our product, we have spent years analyzing, understanding and listening to our target audiences both on the creator side and the brand side. We have come to find that what individuals want is a workplace platform that is personalized, trustworthy and simple that allows them to build a personal profile, easily list and find the work they want to do on their own schedule and manage every step of the work process in one simple place; from managing their schedule, income and overall growth. We have found that emerging brands also want a workplace platform that is personalized, trustworthy and simple that allows them to easily find the part-time creative talent they need to fuel their business growth and manage that relationship and work in one place. 

Staying true to our people-first value, Clutch vets and interviews all creators and brands before they are listed on the platform, and then its algorithm intelligently connects similar creators and brands for digital marketing work projects through a mutual selection process.

Key Features for Creators:

Key Features for Brands:

What we've done so far

We launched our closed beta in January 2022 focused on introducing Clutch to select student creators in college and select emerging brands.

“Since rolling out our closed beta of Clutch, student creators are making $1000s per month through our platform working on engaging projects like managing the TikTok accounts for emerging brands like heywell, Agua Bonita, Campfire and Zerotio. One student creator is making $3800 per month managing social media accounts for two leading brands through Clutch while also focusing on his other work. Clutch provides creators with enjoyable, authentic work for exciting brands and a steady, abundant income source.”

We are honored to be part of the process of student creators finding work they enjoy that fits around their schedule and working towards financial independence while in school, along with fueling the growth of such amazing, thoughtful industry brands.

“I tried finding a remote job for months before finding Clutch,” said Caila Stevens, Clutch Creator. “I always wanted a remote job because I am a full-time student and it always seemed like it would align with my schedule and lifestyle perfectly. My biggest challenge in finding a remote job would probably be not being able to go into the place and really show off who I am and my personality. Working remotely has given me everything but challenges. Clutch has given me the opportunity to make my own schedule, do exactly what I want to do in terms of helping small businesses with their TikTok and social media presence, and work from wherever I want. If I could, I would never go back to a traditional non-remote job.”

Today's News

We founded Clutch in 2020 with the vision of building a world where authentic, engaging work supports a more sustainable, equitable lifestyle.

Today we are thrilled to share with you that our platform is available for all student creators and emerging brands nationwide as part of our open beta that begins today. We are also proud to announce the closing of our latest funding round to fuel our growth: $1.2M in pre-seed funding in a round led by our partners at Precursor Ventures with participation from Capital Factory and HearstLab.

Thank you for joining us in our journey of fueling the positive future of work by giving individuals and brands the platform that equips them to thrive.

To join Clutch’s open beta as a brand, click here. Here is the process of what to expect when you sign up:

  1. Fill out the intake form at
  2. Schedule a brief kickoff call with Clutch Customer Success Team member to clearly define your digital marketing needs 
  3. Clutch will connect you to creators who fit your needs, budget and vision
  4. Once selected, creators will begin working with you immediately on a one-time project or ongoing basis based on your agreement

Please reach out to with any questions.

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