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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Clutch Creators?

While we have Clutch Creators who are influencers and UGC creators, this is not a requirement to join the platform and make real money. Clutch Creators work on behalf of a brand, making content that lives on the brand’s page and profiles. This means we are looking for Creators who have a unique POV and can create engaging organic content within a niche.

Who are the brands that work with Clutch?

Clutch works with dynamic brands across multiple industries, including consumer product goods, journalism and media, health & wellness, and more!

How much money will I make?

Creators set their own per-asset rate with the number of monthly assets being determined by the brand’s need. On average Creators work with brands for 3-6 months, generating $250-350 per video. Payouts occur on a weekly basis once assets are approved by the brand.

How does Clutch support Creators throughout the process?

Clutch is there every step of the way for our Creators! We provide comprehensive support throughout the creation process, answer questions, providing feedback, and helping Creators represent themselves in the best possible light.

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