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next generation of
Digital Marketers

About Clutch

We know how hard it can be to start building your client base, especially as a young creator. We built Clutch so that there is a space where creators can launch, market, and grow their side-hustles.

That’s why we intentionally seek out value-aligned brands and partners that deeply care about their customers and community on and offline.

Our vision is to build a world where authentic, engaging work supports a more sustainable, equitable lifestyle.

Our Mission & Values

At Clutch we know the future of work will be led by the next generation. For that to happen, they need a platform that equips them to thrive in the ever-changing workplace.

That’s why our core tenants are: Balance, Safety, and Transparency.These enable the next generation to advocate for and empower not only themselves but others. That’s Clutch.

Meet the Team

CEO / Co-Founder
Madison Long
Nicole Roman
Head of Product and Engineering
Aliaksei Chumakou
Talent Program Manager
Dominique Ledesma
Operations Lead
Octaivia Nettles

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