Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Manager
October 24, 2022
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Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Manager

Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Manager

It can be argued that social media managers are a useful tool to have, especially when your goal is to attract more customers/clients. From growing your engagement numbers, consistent content, data analysis, and even having an effective media strategy, social media managers are everything you have been looking to add to your team and more. This week we look into why your business needs a social media manager.

1. Consistent Content

To gain followers and engagement for your business, you need to be sure that you are consistently putting out new content on your social media page(s); however, social media content curation is something that takes a lot of time. It isn’t something that you should put last or save for when everything else is done.Your social media pages should be a priority and if you want to be successful it must be a priority. That is where having a social media manager becomes so important. Having a social media manager means that you will have content consistently posted on your pages. You no longer must worry about curating content yourself, as you have a creative employee whose only focus is your social media. 

2. Consistent Engagement

Another great component of having a social media manager is the engagement that your followers or potential clients will receive. Your social media manager is thereto answer questions and messages from followers. Not only will your business have someone set aside to handle this task, but you can also have peace of mind knowing that your business looks more professional as someone is answering messages regularly. No more dealing with upset clients because their messages aren’t being answered until a week or so later. Your social media manager also ensures that your business has a consistent tone of voice that is used when communicating with clients - whatever that means for your company. It is a wonderful feeling when you no longer must worry about responding to messages yourself because you now have someone who will gladly do that for you.

3. Trend Awareness

In addition to consistent posting and engagement, your social media manager is also responsible for keeping up with the latest trends. This enables your business to keep up with the times and it is likely that you will gain followers for this. You no longer need to go out of your way to research trends or try to come up with new content to relate to these trends. Again, less work for you, but more engagement and following for your company’s pages. 

4. Ongoing Data Analysis

Perhaps one of the most useful parts of having a social media manager is that they will have the ability to go into each media platform and analyze the success of their content weekly, monthly, and even yearly. Doing this on a regular basis will not only make the social media manager aware of what they need to improve, but they can also share their progress with the entire team. This will ensure that everyone is made aware of the ongoing success of your social media pages.

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Lauren Adams
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