What is Content Creation?
January 30, 2023
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What is Content Creation?

What is Content Creation?

If you’re new, hello! And if you’re a returning reader, welcome back! I realize that up to this point I have neglected writing about what content creation actually is and the responsibilities that come with being a content creator, so, today I want to take a moment to explain content creation to you!

1. What is it?

Content creation can simply be defined as the process of creating content. Social media content creation is just that but includes everything from creating graphics to written content, and photo and video editing. The large majority of a content creator’s job is to curate content that can be posted on various social media platforms. While the job can be daunting when you first begin as a content creator, eventually you will get used to the flow of things, and when you need to create content, and then you will start to enjoy what you do. 

2. What does a content creator do?

As I said before, content creation can include everything from designing digital graphics to writing captions, and even photo and video editing; however, it is also common that there are additional tasks going on behind the scenes. Tasks that followers don’t see. Here are a few:

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Lauren Adams
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