Top 5 Clutch Brands to Buy From this Holiday Season
November 30, 2022
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Top 5 Clutch Brands to Buy From this Holiday Season

Top 5 Clutch Brands to Buy From this Holiday Season

It’s finally that time of year and the season of giving is upon us. In order to assist you in deciding what to buy, we would like to provide you with a list of our Top 5 brands that we think are worth looking into this holiday season. From environmentally-friendly coffee to sustainable fashion and beauty, here is a list of our Top 5 Clutch brands to buy from this holiday season!

1. Spinn Coffee

Spinn coffee is a new, environmentally friendly, and convenient coffee brand. They provide a unique, convenient way to brew your coffee, and their coffee is packaged sustainably. According to Spinn, “Our commitment to make better coffee and to make coffee better has shaped who we are today. We believe that a convenient cup of coffee should not require wasteful or unsustainable habits. Spinn uses whole beans and leaves only dried grounds in the waste bin. There is no mess to clean, no coffee filters or pods to dispose of, and no guilt from wasteful habits.” Spinn even has its own app which you can download for free. You can tell your Spinn coffee maker to make your coffee straight from your phone! In addition to convenience, you can discover new coffee recipes from other Spinn users worldwide. Explore Spinn today!

2. Noir Rising

Noir Rising is a new website that just recently launched. From skincare to fashion, and even locally-sourced tea, Noir Rising is a great place to shop for your loved ones this holiday season. According to Noir Rising’s website, “Founded in 2021 by Chris Chapman in North Carolina, Noir Rising is a marketplace and hub created by and for black entrepreneurs. With the ultimate goal of creating equitable opportunities for black-owned businesses to help them reach hard-earned success.” Explore new businesses, and new products, all while supporting a good cause! Explore Noir Rising here!

3. nama CBD

Nama is a New Jersey-based company that specializes in promoting relaxation and lessening stress levels. In 2021, founder Chris Whelan started Nama - “an edible hemp-infused confections company with a simple mission, to bring a high-quality product to you. So we teamed up with some of the brightest individuals, searched for the highest quality hemp, the most effective ingredients, and created some irresistible products.” The company provides plant-based products infused with hemp to provide an incomparable experience for each customer. From gummies that help you sleep to products that induce relaxation, there is something for everyone to try at nama!

4. Agua Bonita

Founded by Kayla Castañeda, starting in Mexico and settling in California, Agua Bonita saves produce that’s “not aesthetically pleasing enough to sit on store shelves” and utilizes it to make their agua frescas. In addition, these non-carbonated drinks are packaged in aluminum cans because cans are recyclable. When buying Agua Bonita drinks, you can sip with ease knowing that the product “not only tastes good and is good for you, it’s good for the planet and people, too.” We highly recommend giving Agua Bonita a try this holiday season. They’re delicious!

5. Scandal Beauty

This new beauty company takes great pride in its nail designs. Easy for everyone to apply, Scandal Beauty’s nails are unique and full of color. Scandal Beauty expresses that they are an “inclusive community, where diversity is celebrated and individuality is encouraged.” The company recognizes the lack of unique, personalized designs in the press-on nail industry and is committed to fixing this issue. From simple yet delicately beautiful french-tip designs to vibrant, complex designs, there is something for every personality at Scandal Beauty. Explore their fun designs here!

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