Tips to Overcome Writer's Block for Creators
September 29, 2022
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Tips to Overcome Writer's Block for Creators

Tips to Overcome Writer's Block for Creators

You have already gotten coffee, walked around, taken a nap, but you still can’t seem to find the words. Whether you are a blogger, college student, or even just a creator, we all experience writer’s block now and then, but don’t be discouraged! Below I have listed some tips and tricks that may be able to assist you overcome writer’s block.

1. Change in Setting

A change in setting can, at times, be all you need to get those words flowing. Personally, being a blogger, it can be hard to sit in the same spot and write for hours. If you find yourself becoming tired of what you are writing, try going somewhere else to write. Some ideas could include the park, a local coffee shop, or even your local public library. You would be surprised how much a change in setting can help tackle writer’s block!

2. Create an Outline

Another way to tackle writer’s block is to make an outline of what you’re writing about. Jotting down your ideas when they pop into your head can help you climb over that wall of writer’s block later on. I always like to make a list of ideas when I first start writing. Doing so assures that you won’t leave anything out and also allows you to write a little faster because your mind knows where your next thought is going!

3. Switch Up Your Routine

If you are struggling with writer’s block, try changing up your routine. For example, if you usually type, try writing in pencil or even colored pens! Not only does this allow your brain a break from the same-old same-old, but you may even find that your thoughts are better organized on paper than on screen. In addition to a change in how you write, trying to change the time of day that you write can also help. If you usually write in the evening, try writing right after class or even in the mornings! Personally, I try to space out when I write. For example, yesterday I wrote in the evening, and today I am writing around noon. Give it a try!

4. Give Yourself Breaks!

Allowing for breaks is possibly one of the most crucial on this list. If you are tired, your brain is too. I recommend taking at least a 30 minute break every couple of hours. This keeps your brain from succumbing to your routine and tapping out - I know this happens to me a lot if I work for too long at once. Take a power nap, grab a snack or some coffee, and then get back to it!

I hope that these tips and tricks help you out the next time that you encounter writer's block!

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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