Tips for Content Creation in 2022
October 13, 2022
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Tips for Content Creation in 2022

Tips for Content Creation in 2022

Whether you are a content creator for Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, or any other social platforms, it is common to wonder if your content is relevant for your specific audience. Because I have experienced this challenge myself, I decided to create a list of tips for other content creators which I think are super helpful to remember.

1. Discover the Competition

One of the most crucial parts about remaining a successful content creator is knowing your competition. Research other creators who are targeting the same type of audience that you are. This will not only assist you in appearing to the right audience, but will also help you discover what your audience engages with the most. Don’t get me wrong, please, please, please don’t go copying your competition’s content - that only looks bad on you. Just make yourself aware of the type of content that you should be posting to get more engagement. 

2. Relevance is Key

Not only should you be aware of the type of content that you should be creating, but you should also always be aware of what’s trending. Personally, I try not to create content that was trending months ago but isn’t now. That will only make your content look behind the times and most likely won’t get you the engagement that you are looking for. Keyword research is another way to discover what people are searching for. There are many free sites online that you can sign up for to do keyword research. These sites allow you to search certain terms and see how many people are looking for those kinds of content, and the site will even show you the less searched-for keywords to make you aware of what not to use. My main point here is just to be aware of what is trending at all times. Spend a small amount of time scrolling through social media. I promise, even just 10 minutes of scrolling can make you aware of what is trending and keep your content relevant for your followers. 

3. Ask Your Followers

This is an idea that can be so helpful in assuring that your content is actually relevant to what your followers are searching for. For example, let’s say that you run a fitness page and usually post how-to videos of workouts, but you find yourself constantly wondering if there is other kinds of content which would be more positively effective for your page. If this is you, a simple way to find out exactly what your audience wants is to simply ask them. One thing that I recommend is, if it is an option, post stories with polls so that your followers can vote on the content that they want to see. For instance, would they rather see workout videos or diet and fitness habits and/or tips? Not only will this give you new content ideas, but it will also benefit your engagement numbers and most likely even your follower count.

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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