TikTok Marketing Strategy: 5 Creative Ideas for Generating Engaging Content for Your Business
December 17, 2022
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TikTok Marketing Strategy: 5 Creative Ideas for Generating Engaging Content for Your Business

5 TikTok Content Ideas for Businesses

When you’re running a business, it can be hard to develop content ideas continuously, especially with all that you have on your plate. That is why I have curated a list of ideas that may help you when your creative ideas run out.

1. Spotlight Employees

Creating videos that showcase employees not only puts a face to your brand but also shows customers/clients a little bit of the behind-the-scenes of your operation. Consider making a short series of videos featuring at least one employee from different departments. This is a fun and creative way to introduce your brand in a different light.

2. Share Your Story

Every brand has a story. Whether its history includes starting with just one person or a group of people, customers and clients love to hear about how your business came to be. Consider creating a short video or series of videos that tell your brand's story. You could even have a few of your employees speak about why they enjoy working for your company. This will allow potential customers to see just how genuine your brand is and some of the friendly faces behind the scenes. 

3. Answer Questions

It is common that followers will comment on your videos with questions. I always encourage responding to those questions through short videos. It allows those followers to see a face while receiving the answers they need. It makes the answer more genuine and allows followers to see that you aren’t some robot hiding behind a screen. 

4. Product Demos

If your company is selling products, it is a wise idea to demonstrate the use of those products to potential customers through video. You could even consider asking customers to try out your products in-store and creating content from their reactions (with their permission of course). This will add even more value and authenticity to your company and showcase your products' greatness. 

5. Highlight Core Values

Equality, faith, excellence… whatever your company values might be, it is common that clients choose their favorite brands depending on what the company supports or stands for. Create a video or even a series of videos that highlight the core values of your brand. When clients can see those core values actually being put into play, it adds value to your brand and will likely attract even more potential customers to your business.

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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