TikTok Ideas for the Christmas Season
December 21, 2022
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TikTok Ideas for the Christmas Season

TikTok Ideas for the Christmas Season

Well, friends, we are officially only a few days from the Christmas holiday. For some of you, that means excitement, gifts, family, friends, and food, but for us content creators, that means trying to think of fun content that takes part in the holiday spirit. Here are some fun ideas to help you get started!

1. Holiday Home Decor Transformation

I love seeing videos of people’s homes transforming into the holiday spirit. While I’m sure most of your homes are already decorated for the holiday, rather than making a transformation video, you could give a home tour and show off your holiday home decor and Christmas tree, or if you’re like me, your multiple Christmas trees! Have DIY decor that you made yourself? Make sure to include those too! People are always searching for holiday decor inspo, and your audience will love seeing how you’ve decorated your home to get into the holiday spirit!

2. Make a "Get Ready with Me" Video

Get ready with me videos have been popular since video content creation became popular. I remember watching videos like this by my favorite Youtube creators when I was younger. For this content idea, I suggest using the time-lapse option on your smartphone, or you can just speed up the video cuts while editing. This is a quick and easy content idea that will show your audience how you prepare for the holiday. You’ll even get to show off your cute Christmas outfit, too!

3. Share Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

Unique holiday recipes are something that people all over the world search for online. This content idea could include a tutorial where you show each step of the cooking or baking process, or you could create a video showing the process of making the delicious treat and simply share the recipe in the comments section. The more unique the better, but viewers love any recipes that they can get their hands on - especially if the finished product looks oh-so-yummy!

4. Create a New Dance

A lot of TikTok creators enjoy making up their own dances to their favorite songs. Consider creating a dance to your favorite holiday song! It could be complicated, but creating a simple yet fun dance that people can easily learn is more fun! Especially if you encourage others to duet your video with a video of them doing the dance. I think this might be the most fun idea on this list!

5. Rate Your Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

Create a list of your favorite Christmas movies rated #1-5! For example, if I were to rate mine, it would be: #1: Elf, #2: Christmas Vacation, #3: The Santa Clause... And so on. I love this idea because I love to see what movies people watch during the holiday season. Encourage viewers to comment their own favorite Christmas movies, too. 

6. Host a Gingerbread House Contest

This is a trend that has actually been pretty successful this holiday season. Host a holiday party with some friends and have a gingerbread house-building contest. Don’t get me wrong, your gingerbread house doesn’t have to be picture-perfect. It’s fun to see gingerbread house fails, too! Ask viewers to vote on their favorite gingerbread house once you’re all done. This can increase your engagement numbers, too ;) 

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Lauren Adams
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