The Importance of Analyzing Content
January 30, 2023
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The Importance of Analyzing Content

The Importance of Analyzing Content

While it is unfortunate, some social media managers and content creators don’t care to look into social media analytics. So, why is analyzing your content so important anyway? I want to present reasons why I think analytics are so helpful to creators, and how they may even boost your success as a creator.

1. Audience Insight

This is one of the greatest parts of looking into social media analytics. When studying insights for social media pages, they will often provide you with information that will help you further understand your audience. For example, certain content may perform better than others. This will help you know what your audience wants to see, and what they care about the most. As a result of looking at your analytics, you’ll be able to create content that your audience wants to see and possibly even increase your engagement numbers and follower count. 

2. Social Platforms

Your analytics will also point you in the right direction regarding which platform you should utilize the most. It is okay if all of your social media platforms don’t perform the same. It is more important to focus on one social platform, especially if it is performing significantly better than other platforms. Do not waste your time creating for a social platform that isn’t going to be worth your time. For example, if you’re a video-based content creator, it may be more worth your time to focus on creating specifically for TikTok or Instagram Reels than Facebook or Pinterest.

3. Better Content

Looking into social media insights can also provide you with information regarding what type of content you should be posting. Each post will have its own analytics and will likely show more or less engagement depending on the type of content. This is honestly one of the best parts about looking into analytics - so that you aren’t wasting your time creating content that isn’t going to perform well with your audience. Create better content - get better engagement.

4. Campaign Performance

Social media analytics also allows you to look at how social media campaigns perform. This can not only help you save money but will also help in allowing you to know which campaigns you should be pushing and which ones you should quit. I love looking into campaign insights because it reaches new potential clients and allows you to see how your content performs when presented to new audiences and not just your everyday followers. 

5. Understand Competitors

Doing your own social media analytics study can also give you a peek into what competitors are creating. You can see what’s trending, what’s performing well, and what’s starting to slow down on the trend spectrum. Now, I’m not saying go and copy your competitors’ content, but it’s perfectly fine to take inspiration from them. Taking the time to look into what your competitors are doing is definitely worth your time - take my word for it ;)

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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