Qualities to Look for in Potential Creative Employees
October 19, 2022
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Qualities to Look for in Potential Creative Employees

Qualities to Look for in Potential Creative Employees

Considering hiring a new creator onto your team? This can be both an exciting and stressful experience - especially if it is your first time hiring a creative employee. We would like to point out a few qualities that we think should be searched for in creative candidates, and why we think it is highly important to consider these things throughout your hiring process.

1. Spirit & Curiosity

When you are considering hiring a creative person onto your team, you want to be sure that this person is curious - constantly searching for new opportunities to create for your company and new ways to reach potential clients. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who only knows how to do one thing or only knows how to engage with certain audiences. You want to hire someone who is constantly researching new ways to find new clients and grow your company. Creators with an entrepreneurial spirit are a great asset to have on any company team. Maybe even consider asking them questions in the interview process which can bring light to their knowledge and curiosity about your company and how they plan to approach the creative tasks that you send their way. 

2. Strong Writing Skills

This quality is also highly important when you consider hiring a creator. Hiring someone who doesn’t know how to write in a way that will engage readers and keep them interested will only lead your company’s progress in the wrong direction. Think about asking for a sample of previous work or providing candidates a sample topic to write about. Strong writers are a very valuable asset to any team, but especially new, emerging companies. Remember that this person will be representing your company and values through their words while they engage with potential clients. Be sure that they are professional, experienced, and skilled enough to handle just that. 

3. Time Management Skills

Another quality that you definitely want to consider when hiring a creative employee is how well they manage their time. Perhaps ask them about their previous employment, schooling, or related experience. Ask them for previous examples when they were piled with work and how they managed it. How are their organizational skills? How do they manage multiple projects at once? How do they prioritize? All of these questions will usually open you to how organized or unorganized candidates are and bring light to the candidates that seem to handle time management more effectively than others. 

4. Personality

The last quality that we want to mention is personality. How does the candidate fit in with the personality of other employees and the company mission? Consider asking the candidates random questions that they’ll really have to think about. Doing so will most likely bring out their personality in a way that normally wouldn’t show through a nervous candidate in a job interview. Questions such as “If you could be any candy, what would you be and why” or “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why” can be great conversation starters and often makes candidates feel more comfortable throughout the rest of the interview. Be sure to make them feel as comfortable as possible so that you can see their true personality and the kind of person that they are. 

There are many other qualities which could be considered such as honesty, adaptability, collaboration skills, and things of that nature. These qualities that we have discussed, however, will most likely bring you closer to knowing more about the candidate than you would just by looking over their employment history and resume. Consider using these tips and tricks when you are interviewing creative candidates. You may be surprised just how much they can assist in directing you towards the right candidate.

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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