October 2022 - TikTok's Newest Features!
October 24, 2022
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October 2022 - TikTok's Newest Features!

October 2022 - TikTok's Newest Features!

Hey, Clutch Creators! As I have expressed before, whether you’re a social media manager, content creator, designer, or anything of the sorts, it is crucial to your success to stay updated on the newest and latest trends on social media. In addition to trends, it is important to be aware of each update that comes to social platforms. There have been quite a few updates recently but especially to TikTok. That being said, I would like to take a moment to make you aware of what’s new this month!

1. TikTok Now

One of the most recent updates from TikTok is TikTok Now. TikTok has drawn inspiration from the BeReal app - a newly popular app, released in 2020, which sends a notification to users at a random point each day and encourages them to post an unfiltered photo of themselves or what they’re doing at that exact moment. TikTok's new feature is similar, sending a notification to users once a day and encouraging them to use their new camera feature. The new camera allows users to use both the front and back cameras simultaneously to quickly show what they’re up to at that moment. While this feature is being understood by many people as a BeReal rip off, I think it could be a move in the right direction.TikTok Now is encouraging users, who would normally spend hours editing their content, to be more authentic with their daily postings. I believe TikTok is looking to add more authenticity to their social platform overall, and who could see that as a negative thing?

2. The Dislike Button

In addition to TikTok Now, TikTok has added a dislike button to the comments section. This is allowing users to express their opinions and how they really feel about certain topics and other users’ comments. While this could be seen as a negative feature, I think the real motivation behind this new feature is to add more authenticity to the social platform. I will be honest, I have used this dislike feature a few times myself. It’s actually pretty interesting to see the variety in opinions now that this feature has been made available to users all over the world. 

3. Increased Caption Length

Being a blogger, this new feature is definitely the most exciting. Unlike before when users could only write captions about 3 lines in length, now users can create and add long captions to their video content - up to 2,200 in length! This is especially exciting for small businesses, freelancers, companies, bloggers, and the like. TikTok has now become yet another platform that can be utilized to find potential clients! I think this is just the beginning of many exciting improvements for TikTok. 

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Lauren Adams
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