Introducing Our New Collab Messaging Feed Feature: Enhancing Communication for Creators and Clients!
May 17, 2024
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Introducing Our New Collab Messaging Feed Feature: Enhancing Communication for Creators and Clients!

Benefits of Our Collab Messaging Feed Feature:

Are you tired of juggling multiple communication channels during a collaboration? Fret no more because Clutch is here to revolutionize your collaboration experience with our brand new Collab Messaging Feed feature! We've listened to your needs and designed a platform that empowers creators and clients to communicate seamlessly, enhancing collaboration like never before. Our Collab Messaging Feed acts as a dedicated virtual space where you can track all messages and submissions in a neat and organized manner. No more searching through endless threads or losing important updates. With our linear timeline display, the most recent interactions are conveniently placed at the top, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Streamlined Communication Tracking:

  1. Each collaboration now has its own dedicated feed where all messages and submissions are tracked.
  2. The feed presents a linear timeline, with the most recent interactions displayed at the top for easy access and chronological tracking.

Enhanced Messaging Capabilities:

  1. Creators and clients can now send messages within the feed, complete with email notifications to ensure timely communication.
  2. The option to attach links to messages provides added convenience and versatility for sharing relevant information.

Simplified Submission Experience:

  1. The messaging feature is distinct from the submission experience, which has been relocated to the top of the page for creators.
  2. Creators can easily monitor their submission status directly within the collab feed, streamlining the workflow and reducing complexity.

Efficient Collaboration Management:

  1. Once a client approves an asset, they have the ability to complete the collaboration and block further asset submissions from creators.
  2. This feature ensures efficient asset approval processes and empowers clients to manage collaborations effectively.

Persistent Messaging Availability:

  1. The messaging feature is accessible from the moment a collaboration is requested by the client and remains available even after the collaboration has concluded.
  2. This perpetual availability fosters ongoing communication and ensures that all vital information is easily accessible whenever needed.

With our Collab Messaging Feed, you'll gain unprecedented control over your collaboration process. Say goodbye to scattered communication and hello to a dedicated space where all messages and submissions are tracked in a linear timeline. It's time to streamline your workflow and stay on top of the latest updates effortlessly. We believe in empowering you to unleash your full creative potential and redefine collaboration. We're not just a platform; we're your launchpad to the future. The power is in your hands – let's collaborate like never before with Clutch! Together, we'll make magic happen. 💫💪

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