Black History Month Spotlight: Madison Long, Founder & CEO of Clutch
March 6, 2024
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Black History Month Spotlight: Madison Long, Founder & CEO of Clutch

Insights and Inspiration from Madison Long's Visionary Leadership at Clutch

Get ready to be inspired as we turn the spotlight on the incredible journey of Madison Long, the visionary founder and CEO of Clutch. As a trailblazing black woman leading the charge as both a founder and CEO, Madison's story is truly remarkable. Her unwavering determination and fearless leadership have paved the way for countless aspiring diverse young creatives, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, to dream big and make a lasting impact. Madison's journey proves that with passion, resilience, and a commitment to excellence, anything is possible. Join us as we celebrate her incredible achievements and draw inspiration from her transformative experience.

Meet our Founder & CEO

Madison Long is a trailblazing entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Clutch, a leading platform for connecting brands with creators to produce high-quality, authentic short-form video content.

Hailing originally from Indianapolis, Madison earned her degree in accounting from Purdue University before embarking on a career in finance at Microsoft. She later joined Sheryl Sandberg's philanthropic foundation as a project manager, gaining valuable experience working for the tech luminary. Her experience at these influential companies helped shape Madison into the inspiring business leader she is today. The diverse financial and managerial expertise she gained continues to serve her as she leads her own company.

However, Madison felt compelled to strike out on her own and leverage her business acumen to make an impact for the next generation. This led her to found Clutch in 2019, with a vision to transform branded content and social media marketing.

Madison's Interests

Madison has a range of hobbies and interests that keep her active and engaged outside of her professional life. She is an avid runner, Madison enjoys hitting the roads and trails to maintain her physical fitness. She finds that running not only keeps her healthy, but also helps clear her mind.

Madison is also a devoted dog owner. She has a dog named Aviva that brings her endless joy and companionship. She loves taking Aviva on long walks and hikes and appreciates having a canine companion by her side.

Additionally, Madison has a strong passion for travel. She relishes the opportunity to explore new places and experience different cultures. Some of her favorite travel destinations include Europe and South America. Travel allows her to gain new perspectives and inspires her.

Whether it's running, spending time with Aviva, or jet-setting to far-flung locations, Madison's diverse interests outside of work provide balance and enrichment in her life. Her hobbies reflect her energetic spirit and curiosity for life! 

Clutch's Values Foster a Positive Work Environment

When Clutch was first founded by Madison, it was important to her that a set of core values be established for the company to utilize as a guiding light. These values are what started it all and remain the foundation of what Clutch upholds today for their internal team as well as clients. At Clutch, we believe in creating a working environment that nurtures Balance, Safety, Open Communication, with the ability to Advocate for & Empower not only yourself but others.

We strive to provide a positive, empowering work culture where employees feel valued. Some of our core values include:

Balance - We understand the importance of work-life balance and aim to provide our employees flexibility where possible. Employees are encouraged to prioritize their well-being and find a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life.

Safety - Employees should feel physically and emotionally safe in their workplace. We have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, harassment, or unsafe working conditions. All employees are treated with dignity and respect.

Open Communication - Honest, transparent communication is key. Employees are encouraged to share feedback, ideas, and concerns without fear of judgement. There are open channels between leadership and staff.

Empowering Employees - Our employees are our greatest asset. We believe in empowering every team member to take initiative, grow their skills, and work autonomously. Employees are given ownership over projects and provided opportunities to showcase their talents.

Nurturing Environment - We strive to create a positive, collaborative environment where employees are supported. Our culture emphasizes mentorship, teamwork, care for others, and celebrating shared achievements. Employees should feel a sense of community and mutual growth.

By upholding these core values daily, we aim to make Clutch a rewarding place to work where every employee can thrive. Our values shape the environment we cultivate and the work we produce.

Clutch's Mission

At Clutch, our mission is to bring marketing visionaries and niche content creators together to unite their talents and engage diverse audiences in new ways.

We believe that when brands and creators collaborate, they can make truly groundbreaking connections with target audiences. Our platform is designed to facilitate these partnerships by matching marketers with a carefully curated network of talented, authentic creators who can help them produce fresh social content that attracts new demographics.

By providing access to flexible, reliable work opportunities with leading brands, Clutch empowers creators to share their voices and skills. For marketers, we unlock the power of partnering with niche creators who can authentically engage the diverse groups they want to reach.

This approach represents a new paradigm in social media marketing. One that replaces isolated in-house teams or broad influencer networks with direct collaboration between brands and specialized creators aligned with their mission. At Clutch, we're pioneering this model and bringing marketing visionaries and content creators together to make their mark.

Clutch's Journey & Reach

Clutch has now firmly established itself as a leading platform for unlocking the potential of short-form video, with the trust of over 60+ national brands. Since its founding, Clutch has focused on building trusted relationships with major companies across a wide variety of industries. From retail to technology, food and beverage to media, top brands now rely on Clutch to help them engage new audiences on leading social platforms.

With a community of over 500+ vetted diverse creators, Clutch provides brands access to a diverse range of talents to produce compelling and authentic short-form videos. Whether it's collaborating with niche food creators, makeup artists, fitness gurus, or specialized professionals, Clutch matches its brand partners with creators that align with their target audience. This has enabled Clutch to become the go-to provider for brands seeking high-quality short-form video ads tailored for platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Ultimately, Clutch's unique model of uniting marketers and creators is empowering businesses to thrive in digital media. By making it simple to develop branded content that resonates with diverse audiences, Clutch helps brands authentically engage consumers and drive business growth. Madison's vision of bringing marketing visionaries and niche creators together is coming to fruition, and now Clutch has positioned itself at the forefront of the short-form video revolution! Clutch continues the journey in 2024 to unlock the power of short-form digital content and beyond!

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