Creators - What's Trending on Social Media?
August 26, 2022
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Creators - What's Trending on Social Media?

Creators - What's Trending on Social Media?

Being a creator, especially a social media content creator, it is crucial to be aware of what’s trending at all times. Here I have accumulated a list of new creative features that are currently trending on social media.


I am sure that you’ve caught yourself scrolling through Instagram reels for longer than you probably should. This is because reels have become a HUGE part of social media trends recently. Similar to Tiktok, users can now create their own short videos and share them through Instagram or Facebook. Creators can choose their own music, add text/captions, filters, and Instagram has even added the option of automated captions which can be edited to more accurately portray what is highlighted in their reel!


This new feature for Instagram Stories is, honestly, pretty cool. These stickers allow users to communicate through stories by adding their own interpretations of content. For example, the sticker could read, “If you have a dog, post them!” Then, dog owners from all around the world can add their own photos of their furry friends for everyone to see. So much fun!


Both Facebook and Instagram have added more to the insights overview. Now, users can look further into their total reach and views on social media, allowing them to make changes to posting time and overall content ideas. For social media managers and content creators alike, the advancement of the insights feature is very encouraging, especially for media managers who, now, can more accurately adjust overall goals for their pages.

Overall, the use of reels, stickers, and insights has far improved the social media experience for creators this month. Personally, I have enjoyed using the new add-yours stickers as I think it is so fun to scroll through other users’ interpretations of content. It is easy to get lost scrolling through reels. I have even started working reels into my personal profile just for fun. While working new ideas into your page can be intimidating at first, I highly recommend giving these features a try! Happy creating!

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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