8 Tips & Tricks for TikTok Content Creation
January 30, 2023
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8 Tips & Tricks for TikTok Content Creation

8 Tips & Tricks for TikTok Content Creation

Isn’t it aggravating when you spend time creating and editing a video for TikTok, just for it only to get a few likes? Of course, it is. We all know the struggle. Well, today I would like to share with you a few tips and tricks that may help boost your content engagement and get the likes you are striving for!

1. Use Trending Sounds/Music

Possibly one of the most important tips on this list is to use sounds and music that are trending. This tip is so important to your success as a TikTok creator because when users like videos that are using trending sounds or music, TikTok pushes more videos with that sounds into their feed. So, when you use trending sounds, it is more likely that your video will appear to more users. I have used this trick myself and highly recommend giving it a try. I know, sometimes it can be hard to relate your content to certain sounds, but do some brainstorming and surely you can come up with something that your audience can engage with!

2. Start With a Hook, and Keep Videos Short

Start off videos with something that will grab your audience’s attention right off the bat. If you take more than a few seconds to get to the point, it is more likely that users will scroll right past your video. While TikTok has recently increased its video length to 3 minutes maximum, most users prefer short-form videos that they can watch quickly while they are scrolling (I know I do). Try to think of a way to quickly grab the users’ attention. This will usually lead to higher engagement on your page. 

3. Post at Highly-Active Times

So many blogs, websites, and videos can help you decipher when the best times to post are. While it may not seem like that big of a deal, posting at peak user times is a highly-effective way to reach more people with your content. If you post at times when users aren’t active, your videos will likely get covered up by other creators’ videos, and we don’t want that. 

4. Include Some Funny Content, too!

Video completion, meaning users watch your whole video from beginning to end, is one of the strongest aspects of TikTok’s algorithm. When your audience is able to watch your entire video, and even rewatch your video, it is more likely that your video will show up on other users’ for you pages for even more people to see! This is another reason why it is so important that you keep your content short and sweet to quickly grab your audience's attention. I recommend working with some funny content, too. Content that people can relate to. Besides, making people laugh is one of the best ways to gain followers ;)

5. Use CTAs

A call to action, or CTA, is a prompt that encourages people to make a certain action. Whether it’s something as simple as “Want to see more videos like this one? Hit the follow button!” or something more specific such as encouraging people to read your latest blog, CTA’s are usually highly effective in increasing engagement numbers. Try to include a CTA in either the video itself or in the caption area. 

6. Hop on Trends - Fast!

As soon as you notice a trend forming with a certain sound or content type, you should hop on the trend ASAP! As we all know, trends don’t stay popular for very long, so taking advantage of trends while they are popular is crucial to reach more users. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to take advantage of trends. Not only will it make you look like you aren’t very active in paying attention to trends, but it will also make you look late to the trend wagon - and no one wants to be THAT guy!

7. Engage, Engage, Engage!

Engaging with other accounts is also a great way to gain followers. Say you come across an account that has the same sort of audience as you do. Following similar content accounts, especially successful ones can assist you in coming up with content ideas and analyzing what videos receive more engagement than others. In addition to engaging with similar accounts, engaging with followers by liking or responding to comments can also increase your engagement numbers - especially if you respond to comments with a video! This makes the response more personalized, and once other users see that you enjoy responding to their comments, they are more likely to follow your page!

8. Consistency is Key

Posting consistently is another crucial part of TikTok. For instance, if you only post once or twice a week, it is less likely that your content will make it to users’ For You Pages. Even if all of your videos don’t receive the engagement that you would like, don’t give up! Keep posting, keep liking videos, and keep responding to comments. Eventually, users will see how excited you are about posting and engaging with users, which will encourage them to continue engaging with your content and they may even hit that follow button!

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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