5 Tips to Grow Your Social Media Profile
January 30, 2023
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5 Tips to Grow Your Social Media Profile

5 Tips to Grow Your Social Media Profile

Whether you’re just starting to build your social media profile, or you have a part of the social community since the beginning, it can be challenging to organically grow your social media following. Fear not for I have accumulated a list of pointers which can help grow your page!

1. Bio

One of the first things about increasing your social media presence is to have a fun, engaging bio on your profile. For example, if I am looking for more followers on Instagram, the last thing I should do is leave my bio completely empty. If your bio is left blank, especially if your page is private, you give potential followers nothing to go off of and you'll lose those new connections. Include items such as activities or organizations that you are involved in, what you enjoy doing in your spare time, or even about your personal life such as what college you attend or what your job title is. Either way - including some fun info about yourself will assist in letting your audience know that you are a genuine person who enjoys creating content instead of a fake profile that just wants higher follower numbers. 

2. Consistency in Posting

It is essential to your progress on social media that you are consistent with the content that you post. You don’t have to post more than once a day if you don't want to, because sometimes that can actually cause you to lose engagement; however, being consistent about when you post can cause your numbers to go up. Whatever platform you use for social media, I highly recommend looking into their social insights to see when your followers are most active, and when the platform recommends that you post content. I am always surprised by what time users are most active. Most of the time it’s not when you think it would be! 

3. Consistency in Content

You also want to be consistent in the type of content that you post. For example, if you use reels on Instagram or Facebook, try posting reels a few times a week mixed in with your regular, everyday content. This can increase your engagement and will show your followers that you are passionate about giving them engaging content which will, in turn, encourage them to continue following your page. 

4. Engaging Captions

Yes, I know, some people don’t take the time to read captions on posts anymore; however, personally I find that this adds even more personality to your content. If you are only posting content, and not taking the time to create engaging captions, most of the time this can cause you to lose engagement because to viewers it looks like you are just posting random content - we don’t want that! Always take the time to create engaging captions especially if you are posting content from a fun trip that you just got back from or are looking to engage a certain type of audience. Want to engage people who love to travel? Take the time to tell them all about your travels! It helps!

5. Useful Hashtags

Using tags that actually connect to your content or the audience that you are aiming to engage with is crucial. For example, if I am wanting to find users that enjoy going to the gym, I am not going to use hashtags like #netflixrecommendations or #goodeats, rather, I would include tags such as #workout or #gymlife. In addition, overpacking hashtags at the of your posts can actually penalize you instead of helping you. Some social media platforms will actually take your content down if you overuse hashtags just for more engagement. So, use them, but be sure they actually relate to the content and that you don’t use them excessively!

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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