5 Healthy Habits that All Creators Should Build
January 30, 2023
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5 Healthy Habits that All Creators Should Build

5 Healthy Habits that All Creators Should Build

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if the habits that you build are healthy habits? How about feeling stressed about an unreasonable deadline for a project? To help alleviate your worries a little, I have compiled a list of healthy habits that I feel every creator should build for themselves.

1. Ask for Clarification

Being brought onto a new project with a new client can at times be very stressful, especially if the client isn’t clear with the parameters of the project or how quickly they would like it completed. It is always important to ask for clarification when you find yourself confused about a certain part of the project or what exactly is expected of you. In other words, it is better to ask questions than to go on confused and, even after putting hours into a project, receive negative feedback from the client because you didn’t completely understand the task that was assigned to you. Believe it or not, most bosses prefer that you ask a lot of questions than none at all. Asking questions allows the client to become even more confident that you will complete the project correctly!

2. Learn to Say No to Unreasonable Deadlines

I know, it can be hard to speak up when a deadline is given to you and you just know that it isn’t enough time. I always like to remind myself that it is better to speak up than to not say anything and only put half-effort into a project. Not only does it look bad on you, but it could cause the client to write a bad review of your work and we definitely don’t want that happening. Know your own bandwidth - especially if you have other projects going on at the same time. 

3. Always Give 110%

It is crucial to your success as a creator that you always give 110% at everything you do. Not only will you build an outstanding reputation for yourself, but you will feel better about your work and have confidence in the fact that you have given each client your all through your work. As I said before, know your own bandwidth. If you really don’t have enough bandwidth to take on another project, don’t. Overloading yourself with projects will most likely lead to half-effort work, so only take on as much work as you can handle!

4. Keep Up With Trends

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends, especially as a social media content creator, can be crucial to your success. If clients notice that you are continuing to post the same type of content over and over again, or putting little effort into reaching new followers, they may start to feel that you aren’t putting as much effort into your work as you should be. Trends are ever changing. I recommend looking into trends at least 2 or 3 times a month just to be safe.

5. Support Other Creators

It is so important as a creator to support the growth of our creator community. Don’t look at other creators as competition. Think of them as individuals just like you who are making a living doing what they love. Like, comment, share.. It doesn’t matter really how you support them, just be sure that you aren’t that person who brings negativity and competition into the community.

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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