3 Traits that Employers Look for in Creative Professionals
September 29, 2022
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3 Traits that Employers Look for in Creative Professionals

3 Traits that Employers Look for in Creative Professionals

Rounding close to graduation time, it can be easy to be intimidated by interview processes and wondering where you will end up. To help combat the anxiety towards finding a job, I have listed some of the most critical skills that most employers will consider when looking to hire a creative professional.

1. Passion

One of the most important traits that employers look for when hiring a new creative employee is whether or not the candidate is passionate about the work that they are being hired for. Employers usually ask questions such as “why do you want this job?”, or “what ideas do you have for the company/ what can we do better?”. It is critical that creative candidates show their passion for the company that they are interviewing for even if they don’t know a whole lot about the company. It is also important to remember to do some research about the company before you enter into an interview, because you never know what they might ask. Always be prepared with your best ideas to assure that you put your best foot forward!

2. Dependability

It is also important to remember that employers usually won’t hire someone who can’t keep up with deadlines. With this taken into consideration, I personally always put previous employers down on applications if given the opportunity. Employers highly appreciate the ability to contact previous employers, especially those who the candidate has previously done creative jobs for. This gives the employer confidence that they are hiring the right candidate for the job. Having dependability also means that you have the capability to be flexible around deadlines. If your employer needs a project a couple days sooner, it is crucial that you are willing to do so. Overall, your employer just wants to be sure that they can depend on you!

3. Organization

It is essential to your success that you are able to keep up with all of your projects. Organization allows you to confidently lay out a schedule for completing projects on time. Additionally, it provides you with the ability to be more productive at work and less stressed at home. I like to keep a calendar with all of my deadlines, and I also like to keep a planner so I can keep track of when I am going to work on each project. 

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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