Why College Students Should Join Clutch
August 29, 2022
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Why College Students Should Join Clutch

How Clutch Helps College Students

Thinking back to when I was a college student I was swamped in my studies. As someone with a demanding creative double major, I couldn't have even imagined working a traditional job in addition to my homework load. However, I always needed money in college as most students do and always seemed to find time to socialize. Perhaps some of that time spent socializing could have been time spent turning my skills into side hustles. At Clutch we help students find part-time gigs that can easily fit into their busy schedules and put some extra money in their pockets. From remote digital work to interactive ambassador roles we are paving the way for students to enter the gig economy at a crucial time.

Gig Economy Projections

According to a case study by Brodmin, "the number of freelance workers is steadily increasing in the Western World and are overall more satisfied with their work over traditional job." Their data provided by Mastercard says, "it is expected that the global gig economy will be worth almost 350 billion US dollars this year."

Why Explore Gigs in College?

With the huge economic shift due to the global pandemic side hustles in addition to a full time job have become increasingly more common. Personally speaking, this is something I had to figure out the hard way due to a pandemic job lay off and something I would like to help students avoid. At Clutch we are now helping students build out their skills/side hustles early on and explore gig based opportunities. A little gain in side income for students each week can result in:

  1. Investing early to get ahead
  2. Pay down debt faster
  3. Save more money
  4. Increase overall income

If we can help college students adopt this side hustle mindset early on it will help bridge the gap from college years to the workforce.

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Written By:
Dominique Ledesma
Dominique Ledesma
Talent Program Manager
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