Top Virtual Interview Tips for College Students
August 30, 2022
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Top Virtual Interview Tips for College Students

How to Crush Your Next Virtual Interview

Finding a job can be challenging when you're in college. It can be especially hard when you are balancing full-time classes, midterms, extracurricular activities, and your social life. It can be tough even finding time to schedule interviews, so once you have a virtual interview secured, it's important to do your best to make the most of it! Keep reading for our top tips on crushing your next virtual job interview with Clutch!

1. Be on time! Why it matters
2. Dress for success
3. Prepare a list of your top skills
4. State why you find the job appealing
5. Be upfront about your schedule
6. Prepare a list of your questions
7. Follow up with a thank you email

Be on Time! Why it Matters

One of my old managers once told me "If you aren't 10-15 min early you are already late!" and although that sounds possibly extreme, it is a good rule to live by. You want to be respectful of others' time whether that is an employer you're virtually interviewing with or a manager you are working for. Punctuality communicates your trustworthiness and reliability as a candidate and future worker. Despite true emergencies at hand, being on time is completely within your control. So take ownership of your time and always kick off your first interview/impression on a punctual note and this sets the tone showing you're a reputable candidate.

Dress for Success

Although it is very easy to roll out of bed in your comfy clothes to your 8am class, been there done that, it is not recommended for a job interview. Dressing to impress for your interview will give you a competitive edge and set you apart from others. Dressing according to the job you are applying for to fully embody the role you may be invited to can also be a form of manifestation. It will not only help to boost your self-confidence, but it also nonverbally communicate your enthusiasm for the role, promotes self-respect, and people will view you in a positive light whether that's through Zoom or in-person.

Prepare a List of Your Top Skills

It is a good idea to come prepared to your interview having rehearsed your top skills and how you can apply those to the company you are interviewing for. Examples of work and projects that relate to the role are a helpful way at giving the interviewer a window into what working with you could be like.

Stating Why You Find the Job Appealing

It is always recommended to state why you find the job you are interviewing for appealing and how it relates to your future goals. Building that connection between the yourself and what the business offers will help the interviewer assess if this is a correct fit for both of you.

Be Upfront About Your Schedule

It's obvious to employers that college students have busy schedules. From full-time class hours, organization meetings, and athletics a student's time can be very limited for work. Being transparent about the hours you can truly give to an employer during the school semester, breaks, and summers will help ensure everyone's on the same page.

Prepare a List of Your Questions

An interview is not only for employers to ask questions, but also for the student to ask questions as well! This is your time to vet the employer and make sure the position is right for you. Asking about company values and culture, why do they like working at the company, and what does success look like in this position? Asking these at the end of the interview when the employer opens the floor is the best time to get these taken care of.

Follow Up With a Thank You Email

Finally, it's always a good idea to follow up with a thank you email. It will help to reiterate your interest in the position and keep you top of mind on the candidate list!

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Dominique Ledesma
Dominique Ledesma
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