Our Company Core Values
October 11, 2022
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Our Company Core Values

Our Top 5 Core Values

At Clutch, we believe in creating a working environment that nurtures Balance, Safety, Open Communication, with the ability to Advocate for & Empower not only yourself but others.


At Clutch, we want to incorporate Balance into everything we do. In and out of working hours, and among your colleagues as well as with our customers and stakeholders. Our core principles of creating a Balanced working environment incorporate:


Open Communication

We aim to actively listen, and proactively communicate amongst our team and our customers and stakeholders. We aim to nurture an environment that encourages thoughtful input, feedback, and skepticism to flow freely among our interns to our founders.

Advocacy & Empowerment

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Written By:
Dominique Ledesma
Dominique Ledesma
Talent Program Manager
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