Creators: 3 Things to Consider When Deadlines Overlap
January 30, 2023
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Creators: 3 Things to Consider When Deadlines Overlap

Creators: How to Prioritize When Deadlines Overlap

Taking on a part-time job and going to school at the same time can be overwhelming. The cause of most of the anxiety based around managing work and school at the same time is deadlines, especially when they overlap. Work or school - which do you put first? Here I have outlined a few things to consider when deadlines overlap.

1. Deadlines

Deadlines are definitely the most important thing to consider when schedules overlap. In my opinion, it is crucial to your success to realize that you can’t do fifty things at once. You are just one person, after all. So, how do you decide which assignment to focus on first? To start, I always always look at the deadline for projects. Consider things such as whether this project is due next week or a month from now. As soon as I receive assignments or projects, I put them in my calendar so that they don’t slip my mind. Forgetting about a task, especially if it is work-related, can ruin the trust between you and your employer. All of these things considered, just be sure that you are 100% sure of when each project is due!

2. Complexity

Take a moment to consider the complexity of each task. For example, writing a blog takes longer than creating an Instagram post, or editing a video for your employer may require more time than that short essay for school. I always put the hardest tasks first, so that when I get home at the end of the day and I am drained, I can focus on the easier assignments rather than having to stress about that video that I should have gotten done earlier that day. Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate!

3. Be Honest

Always be sure to be honest with yourself. If you know that a project for school isn’t going to be done on time, approach your professor, explain the situation, and ask for a small deadline extension. If that doesn’t work, consider asking your employer; however, I always recommend going to your professor first as most employers are pretty set on when they want projects completed. Also, you wouldn’t want to upset the person who provides your paycheck every week!

All of these things considered, just try to be responsible to keep up with your deadlines. I know, it can be overwhelming at times. Take a deep breath, and remember that the anxiety you have about that upcoming project is just temporary. You got this!! 

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Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
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