Clutch Side Hustler Spotlight
May 2, 2022
Side Hustler Features

Clutch Side Hustler Spotlight

Side Hustler Success

We are so excited to feature our side hustler of the month Audrey Mitchell! She not only is crushing it with her small business, Virgin Goddess Hair Care, but she is also supplementing her income by working with our local businesses partner as a campus brand ambassador. Virgin Goddess Hair Care is now looking to invite student influencers of their own into their affiliate marketing program. Keep reading to find out how she started her business and how you can join in their VG Hair Care affiliate program.

VG Hair Care Story: Love Your Roots

in 2018, CEO Audrey's daughter contracted a bacterial infection that rapidly grew all over her scalp. The doctors didn't have any promising information on how to grow her hair back. While Audrey was on the phone to CEO Danielle, who happens to be a skilled hair specialist, Audrey expressed her concerns about her daughter and Danielle's god-daughter losing her hair. Determined to grow her daughters hair back, the two of them began researching different natural herbs and ingredients that are best known for their hair growth and healing properties to reverse scalp damage.

"We both shared a vision to formulate hair care products that focus on healing the problem rather than just hiding it. Since then, we haven't looked back, working together as a Dream Team we build a community to solve people's hair care problems as well as healing and empowering them. Losing your hair, especially at such a young age is a traumatic experience and I knew I wouldn’t allow her to walk this journey on her own, so I decided to take the plunge and cut my own hair as well.
I didn’t want this situation to consume her, I wanted her to embrace and own it. By cutting my own hair gave her the confidence and reassurance that we will get through this together, and look damn good doing it! This experience not only helped heal my daughters insecurities, it also opened up the gates for my own spiritual enlightenment." -Audrey

VG Hair Care Affiliate Program

VG Hair Care is full of minerals, nutrients, herbs, essential oils and packed with self Love. Their natural products help boost simulation of hair growth and self love during your hair journey. These products have helped transform many crowns and they want to share their healing products with you. Join the VG Hair Care affiliate program and start earning money today! Serious inquiries please message Audrey for more details through her business email

Are you serious about becoming a student side-hustler, but don't know where to start? Let Clutch help promote your skills and get you to work!

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Dominique Ledesma
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